I show my clients how to use their wardrobe as a powerful tool for tackling every day with confidence and ease. I believe in styling for women of all shapes and sizes and am committed to educating and empowering my clients

Fashion has always played a role in me rocking out on stage, and when I landed a job as a fashion stylist in Los Angeles I was hooked. I saw how transformational my services were for other women, helping them move through life with grace (and a bit of swagger).

I have styled and modeled in photo shoots for fashion and lifestyle magazines published in the US, UK, and Europe. I have worked with models, hair and makeup artists, brands, photographers, and publications to bring a vision to life. 

Let’s bring your style vision to life too!

Tara Dupuis Model & Fashion Stylist Penida Magazine September 2021 Page 53

“After just one session with Tara, I started becoming more conscious of how I dress and put clothes together. I stopped pulling out the same old tired items and am spending more time rocking clothes that make me feel my best. After working with Tara, my friends and co-workers immediately started complimenting me on my outfits more!”

Melissa – Writer & Digital Strategist

Are you looking for support in redefining your style goals and building your dream closet? 

My Cleanse & Renew package kick-starts your new style vision.

Are you intent on investing in yourself and developing a consistent image? 

My Closet Momentum package supports your busy life every day.

Are you looking for support for an event so you can confidently show the world in your own unique style?

My Photoshoot and Event styling has got you covered.

My signature package for starting your journey. 

This is for you if you are looking for support in redefining your style goals and building your dream closet. With my Cleanse & Renew package we kick-start your new style vision.

Let’s get started!

Tara Dupuis Fall 2021
Photo Cortney Armitage 2021


Are you ready to feel more confident in your day to day looks? Are you tackling a new life goal? Do you have a closet full of clothes but struggle to put outfits together? Let’s do this!

What is included in the Cleanse & Renew package:

  • A 1:1 collaborative and creative process to get you aligned with your style vision 
  • A closet edit (current season) to clear the clutter and maximize items you already own 
  • Advice on how to style pieces and put together looks
  • A curated shopping list of 5-10 items to add some key new pieces to your closet – saving you time and energy and potentially introducing you to stores and styles you previously had not considered
  • Guidance on mixing the new pieces into your wardrobe to maximize what you have in your 


Transform your closet from a place of stress, confusion, or disconnection to a place of ease, joy, and confidence. I am here to support you in your journey so you can feel confident and stylish each and every day.

Updating Your Style Will Be Transformative


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“As someone who values personal growth, investing in Tara’s styling services was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I realized that those small decisions we make every morning on choosing what to wear impact how we feel and what we can accomplish during the day. I truly believe that the best investment we can make is always in ourselves and this was no exception! I feel empowered!”

Robbyn – Love, Intimacy & Conscious Relationship Coach

My signature package for seriously up-leveling your closet, having a clear and consistent brand image, and showing up to all your life and business events in style. 

This is for you if you’ve got a vision and are intent on investing in yourself and increasing your style confidence. With the three or six month package we dive deep into your style goals to develop a consistent image that has you feeling confident and ready for your busy life every single day.

Let’s give you a serious transformation!

Tara Dupuis Fall 2021
Photo Cortney Armitage 2021

Three Months of Services

What is included in the three month package: 

  • A 1:1 collaboration to get aligned with your style vision and dream closet
  • A closet cleanse (current season) to clear the clutter and maximize items you already own
  • Monthly personalized shopping lists – saving you time, energy, and money
  • Your own curated look books showing full outfits incorporating the new pieces with what you already own
  • 1:1 time with me each month for style support
  • Unlimited email support

Six Months of Services

This package includes everything in the three month package plus:

  • An additional three months of styling services
  • An additional season closet cleanse (covering two seasons)
  • Photoshoot support for 1-2 photoshoots so you will be perfectly styled for the camera and consistently representing your brand
  • Unlimited email and text support


Let’s really get down to business – your business! The three and month style packages are designed to fully support you in your life and business endeavors. I will be a consistent part of your team so you can truly develop a cohesive wardrobe that supports every aspect of your life. 

You Deserve To Invest In Yourself



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“I definitely feel more confident putting together outfits and I feel and look great when I walk out the door. My work wardrobe has been elevated along with my everyday look! I’m getting compliments from friends and strangers weekly! I’m so thrilled with my experience and am looking forward to another seasonal cleanse with Tara in the future!”

Sabrina – Medical School Student


Various packages to support your exciting life events.

This is for you if you need some style support for an upcoming event, video, or photoshoot to present yourself to the world in your own unique (and stylish) way that is cohesive with your style or brand. Work with me to bring your vision to life.

Let’s get creative!

Photos Jessica Robles 2020

Special Event Shop & Style


  • Two virtual meetings to discuss your dream look and to style the outfit
  • Curated shopping lists (including shoes and accessories) to get you a look that you love
  • Option to incorporate items you already have in your closet


Photoshoot Shop & Style


  • Two virtual meetings to define your shoot direction, style, and looks
  • We can look at your closet to see if we can use any pieces that you already own 
  • A curated shopping list (including shoes and accessories) to complete the looks
  • A detailed look book for all the looks for shoot day 
  • Clients can expect 5-7 full looks to get you camera ready


Photoshoot Full Style Support


  • Everything in the Photoshoot Shop and Style package 
  • A full day of style support at the shoot either virtually or in person (travel expenses are additional)

Get Ready To Work It

Payment Plans Available

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What Clients Say

Testimonial image reads After working with Tara, my friends and co-workers immediately started complimenting me on my outfits more
Testimonial image reads Figuring out my signature style has been a great way tot kick off a new job with confidence!
Testimonial image reads Tara helped me figure out what styles and pieces work for me and I ended up loving my wardrobe more than ever!